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"I am the Forest" is a solo TTRPG focused on map-making and story telling. 

You play a Forest attempting to win back land usurped by a threatening civilization. 

  • Dozens of beautiful nature-themed artworks. 
  • Twelve Forest Abilities to ravage your foes.
  • Four unique Allies with 12 Ally Abilities to use. 
  • A dozen random tables for fleshing out your world 
  • Basic drawing guide included 
  • Easy PDF navigation with links on every page.
  • A three-page condensed rules file for quick reference and play.

Playtesting has begun! If you'd like to sign up, review the document PLAYTESTERS START HERE.pdf.

Join our Reddit community at r/IAmTheForest.

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I look forward to hearing your feedback!


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I am the Forest -80 Page Mobile-Friendly Playtest 83 MB
3 Page Condensed Rules - I am the Forest 17 MB
Territory Map.pdf 138 kB
Character Sheet.pdf 150 kB

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I really enjoyed this game, the tables and turn mechanics were really fun and interesting. All the character creation prompts generated some very cool ideas. The forest really took on it's own character and the conflict with the incursions developed naturally through gameplay. The booklet itself is done beautifully, with the ink illustrations really capturing a timeless feel of the game. 

I will say that it took me a long time to complete, even factoring in learning the rules. There was a lot of winning and losing of the same hexes, and I found I didn't get to half the map! Perhaps  having a smaller/shorter version (as The Quiet Year has) would be useful?

Overall, a great solo game, awesome work!  

Thank you for playing! 

Your feedback is great, and I'll definitely consider a quick version for future releases.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


such a fun and great game. 

Thank you for doing it justice! I'm honored that you picked this project, and that you devoted your time and creativity to sharing it with others! 


man, how is this not more popular! the game is real good, I am using it as a way to practice my writting skills, and after talking about it with a few friends, we may have figured out how to make it even multiplayer, its awesome! I really enjoy this game, hope you  get the best of results out of this project. cheers!

(also, I found out tht the territory map is good, but imo a bit smaller than I liked, so I just added one row and it is nice)

Great feedback! Thank you for investing your time in this game. It's so exciting to see people sharing the beauty of this experience!

I would love to hear details about your multiplayer experience! If you're on Reddit, you can post it to the game's community here: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmTheForest.

Or you can email me: GrismundGames@gmail.com